How do I get from here to where I want to be?  What should I be doing next?  Whom should I be with?  How do I know I’m on the right track?  What can I offer?  How can I align my life with what’s really important to me? 

If you are wondering about these kinds of questions, chances are you’re in transition, that kind of nebulous place where answers come hard and confident action comes harder.  Transitions are often marked by a fork in the road ahead and accompanied by the fear of making a wrong choice.  Skilled coaching can help bring clarity and perspective to these pivotal times.  And it can build the ‘muscles’ necessary to step into your future in a new and powerful way...

Most of the time, the big questions are cloaked in smaller, more straightforward ones like, how can I get more done in less time, or how can I stand up for myself (or make room for the opinions of others), or how can I work through the conflict with my boss, my lover or my son?  And while your coaching topic will be specific, you will see a direct link to your bigger questions.

In the year 2000 I could have really used an Integral Master Coach™ after I had sold one business and was looking for what to do next.  Since I had an MBA and spent the last 16 years in business management, I assumed I should stick with what I knew, what I was good at.  So, I looked for another business to invest in and manage.  A coach could have helped me examine those assumptions and see alternatives that I had never considered - ones that were more aligned with building the life that mattered to me and my family.  As it turned out, I invested in a startup, relocated my family, and worked myself ragged, only to watch the business fail in the economic aftermath of 9/11.  Although I am now helping others in similar pivotal transitions (something I love to do) a good coach could have saved me a small fortune and years of grief along the way.

Times of transition are extremely potent with possibility.  You can avoid making choices and stay stuck - for months or years.  Or you can plow through the way you’re used to doing, with all your assumptions, beliefs and habits intact, as I did.  Or you can work with a good coach and use your transition as an opportunity to embody a new expansive way of being you’ve only imagined.  To that new way of being, this nebulous place looks and feels a whole lot different, imbued with freedom, clarity and power.