If you are in an intimate relationship, you know it can be the most powerful source of fulfillment and inspiration.  You probably also know It can feel like a source of complete debilitation and despair. And sometimes it can oscillate between the two extremes, a bewildering and often exhausting experience.

How can your relationship honor and be a source of strength for each of your individual paths while promoting a mutual transarency that allows each of you to really see and embrace each other?  I have been exploring some form of this question with my wife, Shaza, for more than 40 years.  And because a relationship is composed of two unique individuals, there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach that works very well.

Each of you is on a unique life path with its own transitions, highs and lows, phases of expansion and contraction.  When you fall in love, your individual paths appear to sync-up, a very blissful experience.  Over time, however, there are periods of being out-of-sync which can feel like falling out of love.

Couple's Play coaching has a way of both honoring  your unique self and path while helping you build a broader, deeper, safer and more dynamic container that allows intimacy, trust, wonder and joy to flourish.

I coach the couple who wants to take their functional relationship to a new level of ecstatic union, deep fulfillment and personal vibrancy, sustaining it over many years. 

How is this done?